Last updated: 20 May 2019



This satellite navigation application will help you plan a route, not every aspect of a journey. When using this satellite navigation application:

  • update your application to ensure you have the most up-to-date maps;

  • plan your journey in advance;

  • do not attempt to enter route information or adjust the settings or your device while driving;

  • position your device safely, out of the way of airbags and not obstructing adriver’s vision;

  • Advertisements. Third party advertisements may appear on the Service from time to time. We do not endorse these advertisements, and the advertisements are not intended to be, nor should they be, viewed by drivers unless and until their vehicle has come to a complete stop.

  • find a method of using the device that is not distracting to you; and

  • always make the same observations to keep you safe that you would without the satellite navigation application.

You are responsible for ensuring the road is safe to travel on. We are not responsible for errors generated by unreported road works or inclement weather. Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your vehicle could result in death or personal injury or damage to your property. You assume total responsibility and risk for using this satellite navigation application.