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Navmii is a leading mapping company which develops both standard digital map data and HD map data, using a combination of open-data, crowd-sourced data collection and AI computer vision techniques.  

The focus of the company is the development of data and tools that enable companies to collect and create map data at a fraction of the cost of traditional mapping companies.

Navmii is available in 197 countries and its eOSM map data is available in North America, Western Europe and other key countries. Navmii has already collected over 2 billion miles of data via crowdsourcing, which it uses to create its own map data set.

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Team Navmii

Navmii was established by a group of successful entrepreneurs who have gained much of their experience in the navigation and app industry.

Aaron Ashby-Gittins


Dmitry Lykov


Kai Brocklehurst

Op's Manager

Matt Thornhill

Founder & Director

Peter Atalla

Founder & Director

Chris Burke


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