What is a GPS vehicle tracking system?

April 19, 2022

What is a GPS vehicle tracking system?

What is a GPS vehicle tracking system? 

A GPS vehicle tracking system is a vehicle tracking software that works in tandem with a piece of hardware, better known as a vehicle tracker and in our case a Navmii Tracker. This is used to monitor and view stats from various vehicles such as trucks, cars, vans and even agricultural vehicles. The software links your vehicles together via mobile data and a GPS chip that's built into your Navmii Tracker letting you see exactly where your vehicles are in real-time.

What does a tracker look like?

Trackers come in all different shapes and sizes, many companies require a specialist to fit them. At Navmii Tracker we believe in simplicity, we offer 2 different trackers, you can read more on them here. Our first vehicle tracker is no bigger than an AirPods case and fits directly into your OBD port. The other is around the size of a credit card and fits directly to your battery. Both devices are fitted by yourself so there’s no need for a specialist to come out to fit them!

Vehicle tracking system or fleet management system, what's the difference?

Vehicle tracking systems are also referred to as fleet management systems. In most cases, a fleet management system will allow you to do more advanced tasks like view driving behaviour, vehicle maintenance and create geofences. A vehicle tracking system normally only allows for basic functions like vehicle location monitoring.

So why pick Navmii Tracker?

Unlike many other companies that offer different entry levels into their tracking systems, Navmii Tracker comes in with one platform for everyone. You could quite easily only use Navmii Tracker to locate your vehicles, but we believe everyone is equal so we’ve provided all the features mentioned previously for fleet management. You can set geofences to be sure you know when your vehicles are entering or leaving the area! We also allow you to check on driving behaviour with our eco driving feature.

If you’d like to find out more information, contact us today. Alternatively, you can schedule a demo or request a quote here - https://www.navmiitracker.com/personal-vehicle-tracking

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