Preventing Farm Equipment Theft With Navmii Tracker

February 22, 2022

Preventing Farm Equipment Theft With Navmii Tracker

Many farmers are increasingly suffering from vehicle/equipment theft each year with a report of £54 million pounds worth of equipment being stolen in 2020. We are here to help ensure that your vehicle is safe and where it was last left.

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the UK. Employing around 4 million people and providing the country with up to 64% of the food that is eaten nationally. This industry wouldn't be able to operate without all the agriculture vehicles, from your big tractors to the small UTV’s. This is where Navmii tracker steps in to help.  

As tractors and various other agricultural equipment is extremely valuable it's critical for farmers to invest in a tracker to protect/ensure the vehicle is used correctly and is exactly where it was left, preventing any future thefts.

Farm Equipment Theft In The UK

Agriculture crimes are on the rise, with it being its highest in eight years a whopping value of £54 million vehicles and tractors were stolen in 2020 alone. Click here to see the full article from the Farmers Guide magazine.

The numbers showcase the significance of investing into a tracker for your vehicles, with the benefit of saving your money in the future.

5 Benefits Of Using A GPS Tractor Tracker 

Our vehicle tracking device is attached directly to your battery, hidden away from prying eyes. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Theft Safeguarding 

Navmii Tracker comes with a feature called Geofencing. So, what is Geofencing? It is simply a method of marking a certain territory on the map creating a virtual barrier, a Geofence. Read more on geofencing here:

When a vehicle leaves or enters the geofence you will be notified of this, via email, a mobile app notification and desktop notification! The notifications can be set to a time limit which cuts out unnecessary messages appearing, this allows for specific monitoring for when a vehicle shouldn’t be out. This is the perfect aid for detecting any attempted thefts.

2. Recovery of vehicle

If a vehicle is stolen (god forbid) then you can utilise navmii tracker to show the current GPS location in real time with a location update of 5 seconds! This information can be sent to the police, allowing them to effectively locate the stolen vehicle. Navmii tracker is an invaluable tool preventing further unwanted costs.

3. Maintenance Reminders 

Navmii tracker automatically keeps a log of; mileage, engine hours, distance travelled and speeds. You can also plan service and maintenance alerts helping keep on top of any work prior to it needing to be done, hopefully keeping down on any vehicles being taken off the fields

4. 24hr Monitoring

The most obvious reason for having Navmii tracker installed is being able to see all of your vehicles at once! This allows for fewer supervisors needed to monitor your various vehicles, helping lower costs of further labour and ensuring you peace of mind as to where your vehicles are.

5. Self Installation

Most farm trackers require a professional to install them. Navmii tracker is different. Our tracker fits directly to the battery of your vehicle, with a sticky adhesive surface provided to the bottom of the tracker. Any vehicle or piece of equipment with a battery can be fitted with our Navmii tracker. As mentioned early this is discrete, stopping potential thieves from seeing the tracker. 

With rural crime being on the rise it's becoming more important than ever to track your tractors and farming vehicles. Navmii tracker’s main goal for tractor tracking is the prevention of any possible future thefts, with other benefits like 24/7 vehicle location updates and maintenance reminders set up by our team.  

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