History Of Navmii

November 30, 2021

History Of Navmii

Navmii Tracker is a new product to complement the existing software lineup from Navmii. Navmii started 14 years ago and is a trusted name in the automotive and fleet space. We are a leading mapping company which develops both standard digital map data and HD map data, using a combination of open-data, crowd-sourced data collection and AI computer vision techniques. 

Navmii is available in 197 countries and its eOSM map data is available in North America, Western Europe and other key countries. Along with our Artificial Intelligent DashCam we have already collected over 2 billion miles worth of data via crowdsourcing, which is used to enhance our products. 

With our history working within this market we bring you a reliable, robust and comprehensive solution to vehicle tracking, both for individuals and fleets!

Just to name a few of the companies navmii have worked with:

Navmii Tracker provides a comprehensive set of tools allowing you to manage each individual vehicle in a number of different ways, from fleet management to personal vehicle tracking. Everything is accessible either from your desktop or smartphone. Our system is made with you in mind, check on who your best drivers are, the mileage of trips, know where your vehicles are, loading times and so much more, completely customisable for your needs. 24/7 vehicle tracking enhances business efficiency and productivity.

Request a demo today where you’ll discover the main features of Navmii Tracker and we can go through any specific areas that you’re interested in and show you how they can benefit your business.

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