4 Useful Features Within Navmii

September 23, 2022

4 Useful Features Within Navmii

1)   Multiple Address Search Options:

Navmii offers multiple types of address searches to get you to exactly where you need to be. For simple address searches, we use OpenStreetMap data which will give you the best address results.

If you’re looking for a restaurant, hotel or simply something to do away from home, use the in-built TripAdvisor search where you can find things to do near you with ratings and pricing on show. You can also find any location on the map and see what’s around that area.

We have also integrated what3words with the Navmii app. what3words works by assigning a unique combination of three words to every3-metre square of the world. This is super useful for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies and much more.

2)   Fully Offline Maps For Easy Global Traveling:

Navmii is the perfect partner for when you are abroad. We cover over 300+ countries allowing you to pretty much navigate around the globe. This works by downloading the maps straight to your phone, so no need for an internet connection like many other Navigation apps available. Once the maps are downloaded, you’ll be able to navigate in that country with ease.

Don’t just take are word for it, here is one of our most recent explorers

‘’I am traveling in Switzerland, and I have also crossedAustria. I want to confirm again my full satisfaction with this navigation App.The Maps are updated and obviously Offline - just keep the GPS on and you can go without worries of excessive data consumption (especially in Switzerland which is not in the European Community and the costs according to consumption are additional). The maps are very precise with very captivating graphics both for the road and on foot 👍👍👍’’

3)   Traffic Re-routing:

With the in-built traffic provided by INRIX, you will get alerts when traffic ease’s or worsens on your journey. In most cases, Navmii will offer you an alternate route avoiding the traffic jams and getting you to your destination quicker.  

4)   Walking mode:

Navmii is not only a good navigator for on the road, but we also offer a walking mode feature. When ‘Walking Mode’ is enabled, it utilises pedestrian pathways, offering you the best route, this is perfect for urban traveling in the city or when you’re out trekking around the hills. To activate this mode simply slide left to right on the map screen and tap ‘’Driving Mode’’ to switch to ‘’Walking Mode’’


Happy travels! We’d love to hear any feedback about Navmii, please send us an email at support@navmii.com.

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