Navfree Hits 10 Million Users

25 September 2012

Today (Tuesday 25th September 2012), mobile GPS navigation provider Navfree announces its 10 millionth registered user, with 10,188,000 downloads of the app achieved in just two years.

UK start-up Navfree, now a "major player"* in mobile navigation, is the number one free GPS navigation app in the US on Android and in the UK on both iOS and Android. It is available in more than 30 countries with more than 1 million journeys made each day using the app.

Powered by OpenStreetMap, Navfree’s navigation system is continually updated by users with more than 20,000 map corrections made every month, making it one of the most accurate free GPS systems available. Navfree is therefore the smart choice for iPhone 5 users who have experienced the problems with the new phone's maps.

Navfree CEO Peter Atalla said: "We are delighted to have hit the 10 million user milestone and are very grateful to all of the users who travel with us every day. Navfree is currently the number one mobile GPS Satnav app in 10 countries and with the help of our users who constantly update the maps, we aim to continue providing an unbeatable navigation system that’s free and easy to use."

In September 2010 Navfree was the world’s first free GPS navigation app on the iPhone. An innovative offering that allows users to navigate without a data connection, Navfree’s maps are stored directly on the phone, meaning no costly data roaming charges when using the app aboard.

GPS Navigation App Raises £2 Million from investors advised by Talis Capital

27 June 2012

Navmii Holdings plc, leading provider of turn by turn GPS based navigation services on all the major smartphone and tablet platforms today announced a £2 million round of funding from investors advised by Talis Capital Limited.

Talis Capital, a London-based private equity investment advisory firm organized this investment having been impressed by the management team and their strategy as a mobile applications publisher.

Navmii will use the funds to further enhance the core GPS navigation services and accelerate growth plans for its new location based social media application ‘ShareTheMatch,’ a social network for football fans globally.

Matus Maar, director and co-founder of Talis Capital said “Navmii, with its many millions of users around the world, has an experienced and talented management team, headed by a successful digital entrepreneur Peter Atalla, that will drive the expansion of the navigation products and at the same time develop new revolutionary applications”. Vasile Foca, director and co-founder of Talis Capital added “We are very excited by the opportunities that Navmii has ahead of it and are pleased to have been able to raise the funding to support these plans.”

Since launching in late 2009 Navmii has registered more than 8.2 million users and is growing at a rate of more than 500,000 users a month. The Navmii apps (Navmii and Navfree) have together achieved the no.1 position on the Apple apps store in the navigation category in many key markets including the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Peter Atalla, CEO and founder of Navmii said, “The Talis Capital team shown a very keen interest in understanding our business. Talis have a wealth of experience in the Private Equity market as well as the global technology sector and we look forward to working with them as we grow the business.”

DCB Ventures acted as the exclusive placement agent for the transaction.

Navmii Offers Navfree Navigation App for Use with Pioneer Systems

06 April 2012

Millions of Navmii Users Now Have In-dash Navigation Opportunity for First Time

Navmii today announced their Navfree app is now compatible for in-vehicle use with Pioneer’s Advanced App Mode in-dash receivers, including AppRadio, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-X940BT and AVH-P8400BH. Navfree, the world’s first free “onboard” professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting and live “Google” search, for the iPhone can be used from the convenience of the user’s dashboard directly on Pioneer’s display.

“Combined with one of Pioneer’s in-dash products, the Navfree navigation software becomes even more powerful because all instructions, graphics and interface can be accessed directly on the vehicle’s dashboard and on significantly larger screens,” said Peter Atalla, Navmii CEO. “It’s exciting to see our app working on a device that’s made specifically for the car.”

The collaboration supports Navmii’s journey to have a safer in-vehicle mobile application and includes migration of Pioneer’s in-dash capacitive touchscreens, available on AppRadio models, to Navfree’s GPS navigation service. Customers will have full on-screen access, control of maps, and free updates for future versions of the Navfree’s operating system.

With 6 million users globally Navmii is the number one mobile GPS navigation app in nine countries. Navfree is completely free to download and offer consumers all the functionality expected from a satellite navigation system.

Navfree stands toe-to-toe with Nokia hitting 5.5 million mobile GPS navigation users*.

28 February 2012

Milestone includes 573,000 new users on iPhone and Android in January 2012 alone.

Navfree has reached its goal of building a 5.5 million global strong GPS navigation user base, taking it level with Nokia’s GPS navigation in the process*, the company announced today. Now Navfree is the number one mobile GPS navigation app in nine countries, the application is growing by 500,000 new users per month on iPhone and Android.

Navfree users are also on track to make over 400,000 street map corrections on their mobiles this year. In the last month, Navmii launched Navfree on the Android and already has over 370,000 users.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii, said: “When we launched the product two years ago I remember people saying that it was impossible to compete with the likes of TomTom and Nokia for satellite navigation on the mobile phones. Two years later Navfree has attracted 5.5 million users, and is ahead of Nokia with a European market share of 8% in mobile GPS navigation. *”

The 5.5 million-user navigation system is completely free to download and offers the consumer all the functionality expected from satellite navigation. Navfree comprises of data gathered by millions of people around the world, to guide users around different countries, cities, towns and villages, powered by Openstreetmap. With over 20,000 map corrections made every month by users of Navfree, the app gets more and more accurate. Any user can help to make it the most accurate GPS navigation system by updating the map where they live or work.

Unlike most other GPS navigation apps, Navfree stores all map data on the phone, this means it doesn’t rely on a data signal to work and protects users from expensive mobile data charges.

*Mobile Navigation Services and Devices, LBS Research Service 2012 – BERG insight

NavFree UK Lands on Android with EXPANSYS

16 May 2011

Users of Android smartphones can now get the leading free mobile navigation app,NavFree UK. NavFree turns Android smartphones into fully functioning Satellite navigation devices with turn-by-turn spoken directions. It is available for free during May exclusively from, a leading global online retailer of consumer technology.

NavFree UK does everything an expensive in-car GPS/satellite navigation does - but for free. It provides address and point-of-interest search, gives information on the journey distance and estimated time of arrival and allows users to search with Google for a location and be instantly routed with full voiced directions.

NavFree’s social features mean users can instantly share their position via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook for some real world social networking. Since all maps are stored on the phone, NavFree will route you to your destination even if mobile phone coverage is lost.

With more than 1.7 million users, and 300,000 map updates so far, the quality of NavFree’s map data is fast becoming as good, if not better, than that of expensive SATNAV providers – and it is updated more regularly.

Anthony Catterson, Chief Executive of EXPANSYS, said: “Consumers are constantly seeking more from their smartphones and NavFree delivers on all fronts; both a brilliantly executed utility for navigating in car or on foot, and a tremendous tool for modern social networkers. Android users can add NavFree to their list of must have apps exclusively by visiting EXPANSYS.”

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: “Navfree has already been a huge success around the world, now we look forward to hundreds of thousands of Android phone owners joining us and enjoying the best fully featured, mobile satellite navigation around – all for no cost.”

Navfree UK for Android is available to download exclusively during May from

For more information visit

Navmii hits 2 million users in less than 12 months

11 May 2011
Navmii, the UK-based mobile navigation and location app publisher, today announced that it has more than 2 million navigation users, just six months after the launch of NavFree, the app offering free navigation on iPad and iPhone, and just 12 months after the launch of Navmii GPS Live low cost navigation apps.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: "Navmii now has a community in the millions, with an average of 15,000 new users joining every day. Our active community has also contributed more than 300,000 updates to OpenStreetMap." In the last twelve months Navmii has published low cost and free to download apps for navigation and location, including fully featured low cost GPS navigation apps for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & the Republic of Ireland. Navfree, the first free app for iPhone and iPad to have maps launched in October 2010 and is now available for Australia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK & Republic of Ireland and the USA.

"Downloads of both Navmii GPS Live and Navfree have far exceeded expectation. We have hundreds of thousands of sales of our high quality, low cost Navmii GPS Live apps. The launch of Navfree last year was an instant success and we have more than 1.7 million users. Most significantly, more than 300,000 updates to the OpenStreetMap data have been uploaded by Navfree users to date. If this continues, we expect Navfree to be as accurate as most expensive Satellite Navigation system within a matter of months" continued Atalla.

In the coming months Navmii plans to add a European-wide version of Navfree, a new USA version of Navfree and free navigation for other mobile platforms including Android. The Navfree 'freemium' model is funded by advertising and upgrades such as safety camera and live traffic data.

Chris Burke, Chairman of Navmii said "There is a clear desire from users to move away from the expensive navigation apps offered by the large navigation companies. With Navmii and Navfree anyone can enjoy low cost or no cost GPS navigation, with up-to-date mapping information, provided by a huge community of enthusiastic users," About Navmii Navmii is a publisher of GPS location-based applications. Navmii designs, develops and supplies advanced GPS navigation and location based systems with more than 2 million downloads to date. The Navmii iPhone app is currently available for the UK, Ireland, Nigeria and USA.

Navmii GPS Live is available for UK, Ireland and continental Europe including France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and The Netherlands. NavFree for iPhone from Navmii is available for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and for the UK on Android. Media contact: Chris Bignell XL Communications Tel: + 44 (0)7834 020460 Email: Gary Marshall Senior Consultant XL Communications Ltd ViewPoint, Basing View, Basingstoke, RG21 4RG.

NEW UPDATE: Navmii GPS Live v1.6.0 goes social

18 December 2010
Updates for all the Navmii GPS Live products have started to become available in the App Store. This new update adds a range of new features, including the ability to send your location via email and SMS. You can even post your location to your Facebook and Twitter account.

With navmii's new In app store, users can now purchase and download safety cameras for their country. We plan on adding more products to our in app store over the coming weeks. Look out for traffic warnings!

v1.6.0 Features

- Map data updated
- Send location by SMS, Email or to Facebook or Twitter
- Route prompts fixed
- In app purchase added
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

Download the update from iTunes now.

Navmii GPS Live: iPhone Navigation for France

21 April 2010
Navmii GPS Live: iPhone Navigation for France is now available on the Apple App store for only €3.99!

Navmii GPS Live: iPhone Navigation for €3.99 per country

15 April 2010

Navmii GPS Live: iPhone Navigation for €3.99 per country

·         Navmii teams up with digital map provider AND, to offer radical new pricing for fully functioning GPS Navigation applications for iPhone

·         Available now for Spain, Germany and The Netherlands, priced at €3.99 per country.  France available from Monday at the same cost

·         To be rolled out to all continental European countries within months


Navmii, a leading satellite navigation company in the UK, today announces its GPS Navigation application for iPhone available for a fraction of the cost of other GPS applications, thanks to a new deal with digital map provider Automotive Navigation Data (AND).


 Navmii GPS Live is a fully functioning suite of GPS Navigation applications for the iPhone.  Navmii GPS Live applications forGermany, Spain and The Netherlands are available now for only €3.99 per country from the iTunes store.  France will be available from Monday.


Navmii GPS Live does everything you would expect from an in car GPS Navigation unit for a tiny fraction of the cost. Users can search for an address by city, street, house or postcode and are instantly routed there with voiced directions. Navmii will re-route if you take a wrong turn and provides information on the journey distance, estimated time of arrival, points of interest and live search for local facilities with integrated Microsoft Bing search. 


Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: “With the launch of Navmii GPS Live, we are radically changing the cost people have to pay for fully functioning GPS Navigation on the iPhone.  Turn-by-turn navigation has been priced far too high.  Navmii GPS Live gives consumers turn-by-turn navigation on their iPhone for less than the cost of a paper map. 


 “The iPhone is a brilliant device to use for turn-by-turn navigation but why should someone have to spend up to €79.99 for this from TomTom and others?  Today you can buy Navmii GPS Live for France, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands for just €3.99 per country.”


Maarten Oldenhof, Chief Executive Officer of AND, is delighted to join Navmii in this breakthrough for mobile navigation. "For years it has been our vision that high quality navigation can be offered for a low price. Together with Navmii we can now offer route directions to every iPhone user in a market that long has been dominated by big companies with large overhead, asking far too high prices."


Navmii will be rolled out across all of continental Europe at a similar attractive low price.  Once you buy and download Navmii GPS Live that’s it, no monthly charges, no data connection costs – just a great satellite /GPS navigation experience.”



Notes for Editors

  • Compatible with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.
  • Voice directions and menus in local language.
  • Available for The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain
  • Price: €3.99
  • User Manual and more information is available at
  • For the latest FAQ's and customer support please visit our customer forums at


About Navmii

Navmii is a leading satellite navigation software and location-based services company.  Navmii designs, develops and supplies advanced GPS navigation and location based systems.  The Navmii iPhone app is currently available for the UK and US states.  Now available for France, Germany,   Spain and The Netherlands.


Media contacts:

Chris Bignell

XL Communications

Tel: + 44 (0)7834 020460




About AND


AND Automotive Navigation Data focuses on its’ strategy as the third largest supplier in its market – but the

only independent one – to create value on the long term for its customers / stakeholder by offering the digital

maps for location based services (LBS). The company focuses on accelerating further development of its

advanced database to position itself even stronger in the market. AND was founded in 1984 and is listed on

NYSE Euronext Amsterdam AND.


Media Contacts:

Maarten Oldenhof, CEO AND Automotive Navigation Data

Tel: +31 (0)10 885 1200


STOCKS NEWS EUROPE-AND jumps after iPhone navigation deal

13 April 2010

Shares in Dutch digital mapping firm AND (ANDP.AS) are up 9.1 percent after announcing a deal with U.S. computer and phone maker Apple (AAPL.O) to make maps available on Apple's iPhone, iPods and iPads for some European countries.

For 3.99 euros, Apple device owners can buy a map, which are available for Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, AND says. British software firm Navmii is making the maps available.

AND shares touch a 7-week high at 5.90 euros, while shares in bigger rival TomTom (TOM2.AS) are down 0.3 percent.

Navmii CEO gives interview to GPS Business

13 April 2010

Update for Windows Mobile and Symbian

14 December 2009

Long waited release is now live! Release includes updated maps, bug fixes and new features:

  • Autozoom
  • Automatic day/night mode switch
  • Detour
  • Hide POI by groups
  • Address lookup fixes
  • Improved icons for POI and Safety Cams
  • Fixes in routing algorithm
  • Improved GPS positioning (aka "spinning and jumping")
  • other bug fixes

Latest release ( is available at the download section as usually


Navmii exhibiting at the MPH show 6-9th & 12-15th Nov

06 November 2009
Catch now us at the MPH show from the 6th-9th Nov 2009 @ Earls Court, London. Stand MP83 and from 12th-15th Nov 2009 @ the NEC. Stand MP39

Come talk to our representatives and take advantage of our special offer discounts.

Geolife and PosiMotion bring turn-by-turn navigation to iPod touch

21 October 2009
First GPS application for iPod touch submitted to Apple App Store

GeoLife Ltd and PosiMotion LLC today announced that they have submitted an application to the Apple App Store which enables personal turn-by-turn navigation on both the iPod touch and the iPhone. When the application is approved it will be the first navigation solution available for the iPod touch.

Navigation on the iPod touch is made possible through Geolife’s Navmii software and PosiMotion’s G-Fi mobile network/GPS router. iPod touch owners with both the hardware and software will be able to transform their iPod touch into a personal navigation device with smart routing, interactive maps and spoken directions.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: “There are more than 20 million iPod touch users, yet to date, there has been no way to use the iPod touch for accurate, turn-by-turn navigation. This is about to change with Geolife’s Navmii and PosiMotion’s G-Fi. Combined these will provide secure location data to any iPod touch device. We have also submitted Navmii for the iPhone to the Apple App Store, which will enable more than 30 million iPhone users to download and use Navmii’s intuitive navigation application on the iPhone.”

Olivier Hennessy, CEO of PosiMotion said: “Bringing turn-by-turn navigation to the iPod touch has been our number one goal since we started PosiMotion. We are very proud to be the first to have achieved this goal by teaming up with Geolife, one of the most reputable navigation companies. To celebrate this achievement, the G-Fi will go on sale for $99, while supplies last.”

The Navmii iPhone application will be available for £29.99 for UK maps and $39.99 for US maps. A combined G-Fi mobile network/GPS router and Navmii software application for iPod touch will also be available once the Navmii application has been approved by Apple.


About GeoLife

GeoLife Limited is a leading satellite navigation software and location-based services company. GeoLife designs, develops and supplies advanced GPS navigation and location based systems including the popular Navmii software for mobile phones. GeoLife Limited is incorporated in the United Kingdom and has offices in London & Manchester, in the UK, as well as Hong Kong and a software development centre in St Petersburg, Russia.

About PosiMotion LLC

PosiMotion develops, designs and engineers award-winning hardware, software, and accessories compatible with various devices and platforms. PosiMotion is best known for their iPhone application G-Park, featured internationally in Apple’s iPhone commercials. PosiMotion takes pride in their successful partnerships with many world renowned companies, such as National Geographic, Lipton, Duncan and Toy R Us.

Media contacts:

GeoLife Ltd.
Chris Bignell
XL Communications
Tel: 07834 020460

PosiMotion LLC.
Brian Beighle
Tel: 386-671-7855 ext. 306

Symbian S60 update delayed

07 October 2009
Due to a last minute hic-up we have had to regrettably delay the launch of the Symbian S60 update.

The reason for the delay is that with teh new features added in this update our current compiled code is 4mb, 4.3mb to be precise.

Symbain has a set limit of 4mb :S

We are currently working on a number of ways to reduce our overall code size. The good news is that when we have fixed the problem will will have even smaller and faster code!

We are working hard on a getting the s60 version update out to you. We would appreciate your continued support whislt we are fixing the problem.

Version Update : For Windows Mobile and Windows XP/Vista/7

07 October 2009
We have released a version update for Navmii. Please upgrade your current version by logging into your Navmii account on-line and downloading the update in the download section. Release notes: 1. ETA improved 2. Routing algorithm update 3. Fixed address lookup not finding some streets or picking up streets for other regions 4. City center search unified with street search 5. Updated postcode db 6. Simplified main menu 7. Route overview 8. List of route directions; 9. 'Home' — an ability to set home location and route there in a couple of clicks; 10. New, better voices, with additional instructions 11. Snapping (the snapping of GPS position to a neighbor road) problems were fixed and the algorithm was significantly improved; 12. The map will not jump or rotate when you stop at crossroads as the GPS filtering algorithm was significantly improved; 13. City names display was significantly improved, now all small cities are labeled on the map; 14. Favorites sort order has been fixed. 15. Fixed battery life shortage on certain nokias 16. Road names are sometimes displayed incorrectly in Ireland

Update for Nokia users

30 July 2009

A new update is published for Nokia users

    • Updated friend finder issues with Nokia 5800 and N97
    • Volume adjustment with side buttons is added

To get the update please sign in and download it from the "Downloads" section





So nice, so sexy!

19 July 2009

Yes, new version is out!

We would like to thank all our friends and customers for their valuable feedback. Your attention helps us to make Navmii better and better!

This release includes map updates, improved routing, enhanced POI's, speed limit warnings and new GeoFriend balloons.

Try them out, we are sure you will love the new way Geofriend looks.

We are working on your other suggestions, these include; custom POIs, route info and of course more nice features for GeoFriend.

Please keep your suggestions coming, your input really helps us to create the best navigation software for you!

Please Note : Current users please re-download licence key to activate Ireland maps.

Navmii for Laptops released

02 July 2009

Geolife Team is proud to present Navmii for Laptops and PC's running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.

    • The newest map from Teleatlas
    • Fast and reliable route calculation
    • The best map look
    • The easiest user interface

Turn your netbook, laptop or in-car PC into fully functional navigation system


Product details   |   Screenshots


Get an Extra Navmii for just £4 today!

24 June 2009

Navmii are pleased to announce that a Dual User license for all versions  is now available to purchase from

For just an additional £4 you can buy an extra Navmii license, making it even better value for money!

Give your partner, children or friend your extra licence and keep in touch with GeoFriend.

The Dual User version is now available for a 2 week introductory price of £49.49 inc vat

Retail price after the 2 week offer is £69.99 inc vat

Safety camera alerts are now supported both in Symbian and Windows Mobile versions

12 June 2009

We are pleased to announce safety camera alerts are now available both for Windows Mobile and Symbian versions of Navmii.

Speed cameras will now be included in all current and future releases. Existing Navmii users can upgrade free of charge by logging in to their user accounts and downloading the update.

We have partnered with, who produce the community driven and massively popular UK Speed Camera Warning Database, the first comprehensive database of its kind. It is widely regarded as the most used, most trusted and best available in the UK.

Navmii’s safety camera alert smart engine, warns you if you are over the speed limit and also alerts you to all types of safety cameras in the UK, while minimising false alerts as much as possible.

You can download the latest version of Navmii now.

Postcode database updated

02 June 2009

Please download updated postcode database from "Downloads" section.

The update is available as .zip archive and self-executable installer.

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