Launched in 2009, Navmii Holdings plc is the developer of world-class GPS navigation applications and location technologies. The company is headquartered in London UK, with offices in Manchester, St Petersburg Russia, Geneva and San Francisco. The company is currently privately held.

Navmii has two onboard GPS Navigation Apps Navmii and Navfree, which are available for both iOS and Android devices. The difference between Navmii and Navfree is in the map data.

Navmii uses conventional map data from professional map data company AND (Automotive Navigation Data) which offers a consistent level of road coverage. Navmii is a low-cost sat-nav and sells for £2.99.

Navfree, launched in September 2010, was the very first free navigation app on the iPhone and is something rather special as it uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data ( OSM is crowd-sourced, map data, and is constantly being improved a global community of over 850,000 contributors. In many areas OSM rivals commercial map data, in other areas the map data still has to grow, but as the OSM and Navfree community grows so does the quality of the data. Every month we release a new version of Navfree with the latest data so the app gets better and better.

Our future plans are very much with the development of Navfree and the Navfree community. We believe that good navigation should be free to everyone with a mobile phone.

Today Navmii Holdings plc continues to principally focus on the development of these satnav apps but also works with a range of businesses from Automotive manufacturers, to Mobile operators, to Delivery firms, to provide cost effective GPS navigation solutions.


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